September 26, 2011

I find it really odd that no matter how misanthropic my thoughts are I just assume that everyone is like that. The one thing with this is the fact that I kind of exist to irritate people as much as possible. I am really quite outspoken in real life, especially if I have decent points to put forward. I’m one of those “Hey imagine if…” or “Have you ever notice how this <small detail they probably didn’t notice here>?” I’m full of them. But I think the most annoying thing I do is to be insufferably cheery around people who are grumpy. One of my friends Sheepy is pretty much always grumpy or angry, he’s a very shouty person and is really easily annoyed and every time I see him I’m all ‘OHAY SHEEPY HOW YA DOIN HOWS YOUR CAT AND YOUR SISTER AND DID YOU EVER FIND THAT THING YOU WERE LOOKING FOR :D?!?!?!’ just because I know it annoys him. Like, in the most affectionate way possible. 

I don’t even know if people realise that I’m actually a pretty miserable sod but if they don’t then apparently I am just really dedicated to pissing people off to the extent aht people aren’t even annoyed any more. 

I might have to change my tactics a little. 

I must find new and inspiring ways to annoy people. I must coax some kind of emotion from them. 

I don’t know why that’s so important to me, but it really is. I don’t consider myself friends with people who are neutral most of the time. Let’s take a look at my friends: Sheepy is easily-angered, Jack is a rabid fanboy, Terrah spends a lot of time typing in caps and cackling so I just kind of assume that’s how she is irl but at this point I don’t think I’d even care if she wasn’t. Everyone I know is kind of extreme in their emotions. 

I really like people who don’t do things half-heartedly. I like people who can engage me and show me what they do and who they are. The conversation just feels empty if they constantly give stock responses and never give their opinion. 

Like, a lot of people say I’m opinionated but a lot of the time I’m just making up opinions on the spot to spew out just to see if I can start an engaging sodding discussion about something. 

When it doesn’t work I get really annoyed and my opinions just get more and more far fetched but most of the time it works. 

So I guess this has been a post. It’s going on lukewriteseveryday because i am 2 days behind rebooted LWED