November 20, 2011
I feel like I need to make this post, on behalf of those who can’t.


I hope many of you won’t understand how it feels to leave the house scared you’ll never return home. I hope you don’t have to be painfully aware that people want you dead, and that they’re in the majority. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. 

My brothers and sisters, we must be brave. 

I read somewhere that 51% of all trans*folk commit suicide. I remember at the time feeling shocked and appalled and devastated that so many people had become little but a statistic. Then I read it again. 51% of all trans*folk commit suicide. Suicide. That number doesn’t even bring in to account the terrifying number who are shot, stabbed, burned, raped, strangled, beheaded, mutilated and drowned. Trust me, there are a lot. 

Victoria Carmen White was 28 years old when she was shot in New Jersey.
Dana A Larkin was 26 when she was shot in the head in Wisconsin.
Azra was 30 when she was shot in the back of the head in Turkey.








221 trans*folk died in the last year. All across the world we’re dying. We’re dying in horrific ways at the hands of brutes unconcerned with who we are, rather what we are.

We have to remember them. Our brothers and sisters whose names mean nothing until they’re printed in a headline or chiseled on a tombstone. Sometimes they don’t even get names. “Unidentified body believed to have been that of a transsexual found recently in the Kalimalang river in East Jakarta.” 

More importantly we have to make this stop. We have to protect ourselves and one another. We have to work together and fight this because god knows I don’t any single one of you to be found mutilated and dumped in a river never to be identified. 

We can’t let them win. We can’t give them the upper hand. We must be brave and face the society that shuns us, and we must tell them that we deserve to live. 

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    Everyone should sit down, shut up and listen to what Luke has to say, because holy shit if it ain’t powerful.
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    I wrote this a year ago. This year we lost 44 more than last year. I don’t have anything more to say.
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