July 7, 2011
Day 2/7th July: The one thing I will ever write from the point of view of a toy. I creeped myself out.

Do you remember me?

We used to spend hours together when you were tiny. You would sit with me for hours and I would try and keep you calm so your parents wouldn’t sound annoyed and storm in, huffing with exasperation and ask us to keep it down.

I thought we were a team. We hid from mommy together.

You used to talk to me, and I cursed the day I lost my voice. I wish I could have replied to you. I could have said something to make you feel better, to make you feel like you weren’t useless, or worthless. I wanted so badly to hug you every time she shouted at us for walking across the hall to the bathroom too loudly.

I never gave up on you though, Tommy. You were my best friend. We went to the moon, and to the darkest depths of the sea together. We had adventures in the park, too. Remember that time you saved me from the slobbering jaws of a puppy? I thought I was a gonner that day. I thanked my lucky stars that I had a friend like you.

You grew up though, you stowed me away in the bottom of your closet next to your old sneakers. Why didn’t you want me to come on adventures with you any more Tommy?

I don’t know how long I was left in there. Every day you’d open the door and look straight past me. I’d catch glimpses of your room as it changed. I guess one day you decided to have a clear out because you saw me again. You picked me up and scowled at me, like I’d done something wrong. I thought you were going to put me back in there, next to your old sneakers. I silently begged you with my round button eyes, I begged you to give me another chance.

I begged you.

I wish I could’ve said something. It’s cold out here and I’m hearing strange noises.

I hope you remember me

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